Så som i himmelen, Malmö opera

Rolf will make the priest Stig in the new set of Så som i himmelen at Malmö Opera, premiering February 5 -21

Tunna Blå Linjen. Svt och anagram produktion

In the autumn, Rolf plays Tunna Blå Linjen in Malmö where he makes the former police Gert

BÄCKSTRÖM Yellowbird

And also current as the forensicist Peter Niemi in Leif GW Persson’s BÄCKSTRÖM, which is recorded in Gothenburg in the spring and early summer.

Rolf plays dad Dan in the success musical NEXT TO NORMAL

Together with Helen Sjöholm, among others. New premiere at Uppsala City Theater 15/1 2022, directed by Ronny Danielsson

Innan vi dör 2

And, like ÖB in the coming second season of Svts BEFORE WE DIE