Actor and Musical artist

Rolf Lydahl is a freelance actor with 30 years of experience in film, television, theater, musical theater and musical. Rolf completed hes education at the Malmo Theatre Academy in 1984 and has since made major roles in several of the country’s theaters, such as the Stockholm City Theatre, the National Theatre, the Gothenburg City Theatre, Gota Lejon, Teater Vastmanland, Vastana Theatre, Malmo Opera and the Gothenburg Opera. Rolf has appeared in over thirty films and television productions, and is a frequent voice actor. He writes and also produce their own shows. 

Rolf doing one of the lead roles in The Phantom of the Opera, playing until may 2017 in Stockholm, and in the autumn he is involved in the hit musical Billy Elliot at the Stockholm City Theatre.

Rolf Lydahl Tfn +46(0)70-698 77 70 Agenterna i Stockholm +46(0)8-441 71 11